Where Are Your Customers in Social Media

Kalpesh Bedsa

Where Are Your Customers in Social Media? – Organic reach has become the bane of many social media marketers. Staying up to date with Facebook’s algorithm changes is rapidly becoming a full-time job, and getting your brand message into your fans’ News Feeds without paying for it is specialist work. This can become even more apparent in the retail sector, where a brand’s social media presence is not just about brand building and engagement, but also about actually drivin… http://ow.ly/2WeLuU

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Book Review: Social Media Explained-Untangling the World’s Most Misunderstood Business Trend

SPARK B2B Marketing

Yes the full title of this latest book from Mark Schaefer is a mouthful but it’s pure brilliance in clarity, insight and utility cannot be overemphasized. Written in Mark’s typical down to earth style that makes you feel like he’s in the room with you,  it instills a confidence that makes you excited to put social TO WORK.  Truly a must read for your entire staff from Admin to CEO.  Really! Read it and find out why for yourself.

But lCover-for-Social-Media-Explainedet me dispel any notion from the book’s title that this is some remedial or sophomoric read. It’s not. It is though the best book I’ve read for those looking to understand how to make social media an effective part of their B2B or B2C marketing, especially skeptical C-suite execs. Not paddy-cake play time but sound foundation building, actionable steps to determine if social has a role in your company…

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Overcoming “it won’t happen to me” ad campaign – Market Research

Overcoming “it won’t happen to me” ad campaign.

Car stolen, earthquake, fire, loose my house? It won’t happen to me. We have all been there, where we think that such situations will never happen to us. In 2013 JWT & The Campaign Palace came out with a television ad campaign for the NSW Rural Fire Service to help people in certain areas of Australia, where bush fires are at high risks, overcome the “It won’t happen to me” attitude and be protected for in case their properties catches on fire. The TV ad campaign turned out to be highly effective; However, there were a few limitations.

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17 Customizable Templates for Creating Shareable Graphics on Social Media

Make your content POP OUT!

SPARK B2B Marketing

People are 44% more likely to engage with content on social media that contains pictures. But creating visual content takes more time and resources. That’s why HubSpot created these 17 customizable templates for you.

These templates are in PowerPoint, so they’re very easy to edit — no Photoshop skills required!

This PowerPoint template contains three types of templates:

  • Title Slides – free stock images with a text overlay
  • Headline Roundups – meme-setup for sharing multiple stories
  • Snackable Graphics – blank canvas with stylized text

These pre-built templates will let you create social media content that your audience will want to share with their friends.

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Social Media in the Workplace

Simply Sarah

A slightly controversial issue, many wonder if it is ethical for employees to be allowed to use social media in the workplace. It is debated whether or not employees should use company time on Facebook, Twitter or other social media channels, and because of this controversy, many companies have put social media policies in place. These policies generally advise employees on what they are or aren’t allowed to do when they represent themselves online. While many employees may see this as constricting, I personally found it to be more like appropriate guidance that benefits the company’s wellbeing overall.

Coca-Cola-LogoOne of the social media policies that I chose to analyze was Coca Cola‘s, and I found that it was not necessarily restricting or overbearing, but instructed the employees on how to represent the company positively and appropriately online. The company respects the rights of its employees to use blogs and other…

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Facebook Cheats on Google with Bing!

Have you been wondering why it has been difficult for your Facebook page to rank high with Google? It’s not you, it’s Facebook’s and Google’s love/hate relationship, although is more hate than love.  Continue reading

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Marketing Humor!

This gallery contains 15 photos.

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